covid policies

The yogic principle of Ahimsa (non-harming) teaches us that it is our responsibility to care for others just as it is to care for ourselves. We trust the medical community that vaccination is the safe + responsible choice, not only to keep ourselves safe as individuals, but also to do our part in helping get the virus under control for our community.

Therefore, our entire team is proudly fully-vaccinated, and we have implemented the following policies to keep our community as safe as possible.

Vaccines: In order to take any yoga classes with us in the Austin studio, we request that you provide us with proof of vaccination. You can do this by emailing us a clear photo of your vaxx card before taking your first class, or showing us a hard copy or clear photo of it when you check in (we will photograph it and store it for our records, so you won't have to show it every time you come in).

If you're not vaccinated or don't wish to provide proof of vaccination, you're absolutely welcome to practice with us virtually. We will be live-streaming all of our in-studio classes. You may also take class in-studio, we just ask that you wear a mask at all times while in our space. 

Masks: If you have provided us with proof of vaccination, you are welcome to remove your mask, but you can of course keep it on if that's your preference!

If you do not wish to provide proof of vaccination, you are required to wear your mask at all times while in our space. 


If you are just coming by to visit our shop, you are welcome to show us your vaxx card in order to shop mask-free. Otherwise, please keep your mask on over your nose and mouth at all times while in our space. 

Other Measures:

We have 20-ft ceilings that allow for fantastic air flow and circulation. 


We have a giant garage door that we are happy to open up at your request to allow outside air to flow into the space.

We are currently capping classes at 50% in person, so there is plenty of space for social distancing.


Thank you for respecting our policies when visiting our studio!