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foundations of flow

Our next Foundations of Flow is Sunday, July 7 from 12-1 pm!

Join Trish in this monthly workshop where you'll break down some of the essential yoga poses

that make up the Vinyasa flow style of practice.


This month's Foundations will focus on Backbends and Forward Folds 


You will learn each pose's alignment and potential modifications in a level of detail that just isn't possible during a regular flow class. You'll also have the chance to ask questions and work with the teacher to adjust each pose to your body's unique needs.


No matter what your level of yoga experience, your practice will be positively transformed after taking this workshop! Space is limited, so sign up today!

sunday, july 7th
12-1 pm

Priced as a regular class! 

link coming soon

Meet the Instructor

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When Trish first began practicing yoga a decade ago, she considered yoga as an ‘add-on’ to other workouts and exercise routines. But the practice worked its magic on her over time, and eventually she stopped viewing yoga as solely exercise. Only then did yoga become a major source of joy and peace in her life. The focus a yoga practice demands became one of her essential tools for stress-relief and grounding, and the way yoga transformed her relationship with her body and mind eventually led to her becoming a registered yoga teacher (RYT 200). 

For much of her life, Trish felt that she was in opposition to her body, working against it or trying to force it to be one thing or another. Through her yoga practice, she has learned how to recognize that her mind and body are one. Her goal as a teacher is to support her students through their own revelations and transformations, help them feel empowered and at one with their bodies by using engagement and alignment cues that will encourage self-correction and self-study, and create a safe space for them to heal and grow.


She is so happy to be working and teaching at a studio like Oak + Lotus, where the focus is always on how a pose feels rather than how it looks, and the teachers and students have created an inclusive community and practice for all bodies so that more people feel welcome in the yoga world. The more yogis on this planet, the better!


In her non-yoga life she enjoys seeing live music, vegan baking, volunteering, and watching movies while cuddling with her cats.

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