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foundations of flow

Join us in breaking down the essential yoga poses that make up the vinyasa flow style of practice. You will learn each pose's alignment and potential modifications in a level of detail that just isn't possible during a regular flow class. You'll also have the chance to ask questions and work with the teacher to adjust each pose to your body's unique needs. 


Now available in our 3 levels--mild, medium, + spicy--so you can choose the workshop that matches your preferred style of practice!

Foundations Mild

Next class: Sunday, 4/16, 2-4:30pm 

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Great for beginners, folks new to vinyasa flow, or those who prefer our mild offerings. You'll spend time on the basics, with a special focus on how to modify poses like Plank + Chaturanga in a way that helps you build strength over time. You'll look closely at alignment and practice transitions between poses like Low Lunge + Downward Facing Dog so you can feel confident flowing with your breath in a mild class!

OL Alia Kaileen W2 Assist (WC).HEIC

Foundations Medium

Next class: Sunday, 2/19, 2-4:30pm 

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Building on the basics, you'll continue to dive deep into the poses that make up the step-back sun salutation. You'll also learn + practice how to maintain good form while flowing through foundational standing poses like Warrior 1 + 2. Great for mild + medium regulars, and also suitable for beginners!

Foundations Spicy

Next class: Sunday, 3/19, 2-4:30pm 

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For folks who like to flow fast! We'll slow things down so you can focus on solid alignment through transitions and sequences like Surya Namaskar A and learn how to flow through a 1-leg vinyasa. We'll also spend time exploring foundational standing balances like Warrior 3 and arm balances like Crow Pose.

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