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we're looking for team members who are excited about our mission. yoga for real life. for all bodies. a down-to-earth, retreat-like studio where like-minded people can connect, take a break from their everyday, and share a practice that always leaves them feeling better.

whether you're interested in joining the teacher team, the management team, or the workstudy team, click here to learn more. 

mission + values


Think of us as your yoga version of Cheers. A place where you can meet up with old friends and make new ones. A place where you know you will be recognized when you return, and will be missed if you don’t. 

We have lots of cozy spots where you can settle in and relax, and offer plenty of time to hang out and enjoy our space and each others' company between classes.


What is yoga for real life? It's a practice designed to help you deal with life's daily challenges. Whether you're struggling with stiffness or a sore low back from sitting at a desk all day, tight hips from a strict cardio regimen, sleepless nights, or a stressed-out mind, our unique approach to the vinyasa practice will always leave you feeling better. 

​No crystals or chakras or energy work here. We focus on secular, modern-day applications of the yoga philosophy and science-based physical anatomy.  If that other stuff is your jam, we totally respect that. You just won't find it here!


Every body is welcome at oak + lotus, and that's made clear in everything from the way we greet new clients to our diversity of offerings to the way our teachers cue poses and offer props and modifications in class.

We are a NON-heated yoga studio. This allows our offerings to appeal to (and be safe for) a wider range of bodies and ability levels. No disrespect to hot yoga; it's just not how we roll. 

We teach our students not to worry so much about how a pose looks (because it looks different in every body), but rather to learn how it's supposed to feel. That's why we don't have mirrors in the practice space.


A visit to oak + lotus is like a mini-retreat. We strive to delight all the senses, so we pay attention to details: from the treats to the design to the lighting.

We take our yoga seriously, but not ourselves. A good laugh is always appreciated in our classes; it's one of the best ways to shake off the stress of the day!

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