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We are proud to have created a space where people and small businesses come together to create a thriving, supportive community. The Oak + Lotus Artisan Market is stocked entirely with products created by real people, many of whom are based right here in Austin.  So when you shop with us, you get to support many small businesses at once!


We carefully sourced all of our products from a variety of artisans who handcraft each product with the highest level of quality and attention to detail. From jewelry to self-care items, each piece is hand selected to ensure it will make you and your loved ones feel your best.

burlap bag

The Burlap Bag is a small, eco-friendly,  and vegan operation run by Josiah and Lauren Lowe in Austin, Texas. From putting wicks in the candles to designing the labels, their team does every step of the candle-making process themselves. Each batch of  candles are made in small quantities to ensure the best quality. 

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daisy metalworks

Local, hand-made, and woman-owned, Daisy Metalworks is designed and created in the studio of Mijhal Daisy Poler. Daisy’s pieces are original and raw, giving off a delicate yet industrial feel, going beyond simply an accessory and evolving into an aesthetic that combines the vibrancy of the natural earth and the sleekness of modern design.

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