we run a tight ship.

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Our management team consists of four part-time Studio Directors (SDs). All SDs are responsible for in-person customer service and sales during their shifts. In addition, each SD is in charge of one specific area of the business. SDs work 8-12 hours a week; scheduling is somewhat flexible based on availability. Hover over each title below to learn more. 



Bring in New Clients

Build Brand Awareness

Community Outreach + Collaborations



Create the optimal schedule of classes, workshops, trainings, and events; manage all related logistics.



Grow Our Community

Keep our Community Happy & Loyal


Bring Back Prodigal Yogis



Keep the physical space looking good and running smoothly.

Oversee Workstudy Team


Oversee Retail operations

interested in joining the team? 

Email Info@OakAndLotusYoga.com by 9/20/19 with the following items,

and we'll contact you with more details:

  1. Subject Line listing which role(s) you're interested in.

  2. A note explaining why our mission and culture resonate with you, and why your experience and skill set make you a good fit for the specific role you're applying for.

  3. Your Resume

  4. Your general availability (time of day and days of the week)

  5. If applicable, links to your website, social media, or any other online presence

  6. A photo of your smiling face! (Just so we can link your name to a human. :-)