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weekend intensive: 

a practical training on

giving your students yoga brain

December 6-8, 2019

do you already have a 200-hour (or more!) teacher training under your belt, but...

  • Could use a refresher on teaching and assisting in the Vinyasa style?

  • Feel a little rusty because it's been a while?

  • Don't feel prepared to teach public classes?

join us for $199!

This training is not affiliated with or registered through Yoga Alliance.

join alia khan, founder of oak + lotus,

for this 15-hour weekend intensive teacher training designed for folks who have already gone through a 200hr (or more!) training, and are ready to take their teaching to the next level.

you’ll walk away from this training with the following tools:

Cueing: How to keep it flowy but full of info

  • Alignment-based cues that are easy for students to follow

  • How to keep the vinyasa rhythm while imparting tons of info to your students


Sequencing: How to make it Intelligent and Yummy

  • Challenge your students in a way that leaves them feeling empowered and strong, rather than defeated and drained.

  • Leave your students with that delicious “yoga brain” feeling every time, no matter what level of class you’re teaching


Body Inclusivity: How to make every body feel welcome in your class

  • Teaching Bodies Unlike Yours: Learn about different body types and how to adjust your teaching accordingly

  • Props: How to incorporate props to help your students get the most from their practice without making them feel like they’re “cheating”

  • Language: Make sure your teaching isn't accidentally offending anyone or making them feel "less than"


Safe, Ethical, and Effective Hands-On Assists

  • How to use Hands-On Assists to teach, rather than just deepen poses

  • How to assist in a way that makes your students feel supported and safe (and avoid accidentally being a creep!)


Killer Playlists

  • Learn to craft the kind of playlist that will help your students shut off their monkey minds and sink into the groove of their’ll have them begging for your Spotify name before you know it! 

join us for $199!

This training is not affiliated with or registered through Yoga Alliance.

our weekend intensive teacher training will be held: 

Friday, December 6 from 6pm-10pm

Saturday, December 7 from 11am-3pm + 4pm-8pm

Sunday, December 8 from 1:30pm-4:30pm

Oak + Lotus yoga studio

510 East St. Elmo Rd

Ste B-3

Austin, TX 78745

about alia

Our founder Alia Khan grew up in Austin, TX, and found yoga after barely surviving the NY Bar exam. Alia was about to begin her life as a stressed-out corporate lawyer, and was freaking out just a little ... but after that first class, she knew that yoga was just the tool she needed to maintain balance (and sanity!) in the midst of her demanding new career.

Alia left the legal practice after 5 years, and opened her first yoga studio in Washington, DC ( at the beginning of 2015. She moved back to her hometown of Austin in early 2019 to begin work on her second studio, Oak + Lotus, which will open in south Austin in December. 

Alia's mission as a teacher is to bring yoga to people who think it isn't for them, or who've tried it but didn't like it because they were either freaked out by the hippie-dippie stuff or felt intimidated, rather than welcomed, by the other folks in the studio. And to people who already love yoga, but are looking for a down-to-earth, alignment-focused practice that still maintains the musical rhythm of the vinyasa flow style.

Alia's teacher trainings are designed to make you feel ready to teach the moment you graduate. She fills her trainings with clear, concise instruction and practical exercises that allow you to put your new knowledge to work immediately. You will walk away with effective new tools in your teaching belt, ready to take your teaching to the next level. 

join us for $199!

This training is not affiliated with or registered through Yoga Alliance.