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We offer a variety of yoga practices: Vinyasa (Flow), Yin, Yoga Nidra (Guided Meditation), Somatic Breathwork, Prenatal Flow, and Baby + Me

Our Flow classes are labeled mild, medium, or spicy so you can choose

the experience that best fits your body's needs.

We never "heat" our classes. The room is always kept at a comfy 74-ish degrees.

All regular weekly classes are offered both in-person in our Austin studio and online via Zoom.

Make sure you sign up for the correct version of class!

relaxed flow

If you're looking for a low-key flow, this class is for you. Great for beginners and experienced yogis in the mood for a chill practice.

If you're looking for a lower-key, more meditative flow, Relaxed Flow is for you. Great for beginners and folks working with minor mobility issues and injuries (as long as you're cleared to do yoga!)


This class is also fabulous for our more experienced yogis who want to move and breathe without pushing to their edge. Whether you've just gotten your cardio on or are having a low-energy day, Relaxed Flow is just the ticket. You'll move with the breath at a slow but rhythmic pace, holding poses 1-3 breaths at a time.

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In Breathe + Flow, you'll move with the breath at a rhythmic pace, holding poses 1-3 breaths at a time. Some basic arm balances or inversions may be offered, and are always optional. Our teachers always break down these advanced poses into stages so that everyone can work on building strength and safe alignment one step at a time.

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This class is our middle-of-the-road offering: not too advanced, not too chill.
We like to call it our "Goldilocks" flow!

breathe + flow

slow + steady 

This slower-paced class is great for those looking to enhance strength and focus, while having the opportunity to explore modifications.

In slow + sweaty, poses will be held for longer periods of time and sequences will be slower. You'll move with the breath at a slow but rhythmic pace, holding poses 3-10 breaths at a time. This allows the teacher to offer more guidance on alignment and breath control.


This is a great class for folks who are newer to yoga but also looking for a physical challenge - the slower pace allows for more alignment instruction while amping up the difficulty!

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sunrise flow
lunch break 

These 45-min classes are suitable for students with some yoga experience who enjoy moving with their breath, and are ready for a spicier experience than our Mild class offerings.

These 45-minute classes are designed to help you start your day or reset midday with mindful, intentional movement. This Medium level class offers a mix of challenging + soothing flows to help you find balance on the mat. 

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energetic flow

Designed for experienced yogis looking to get sweaty on the mat!

Our energetic flow is a briskly-paced class that incorporates challenging yet accessible poses to create and fun and flowy sequence.


Arm balances and inversions will be included, and our teachers always break down these advanced poses into stages so that everyone can work on building strength and safe alignment one step at a time.

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candlight yin

fantastic for all levels of experience, this offering focuses on deep stretching and relaxation.

Yin yoga is a therapeutic practice that is an amazing complement to flow yoga, and is great for recovery in between high intensity workouts (like running, cycling, martial arts, etc.). It's also great for people whose bodies are stiff from sitting at a desk all day, or who are feeling burned out for any reason at all.

Unlike our flow offerings, in Yin you'll either be seated or lying down the entire time. You'll hold each pose for 5-7 minutes, using pillows and props to set yourself up comfortably. This allows the muscles and the connective tissue around them (fascia) room to stretch and release tension, while the mind slows and quiets down. 

These longer holds are why Yin is a phenomenal restorative practice for the mind and soul too. By practicing active rest and stillness, we deactivate our stress response and are able to heal the harmful effects that come with it. It's the ultimate nervous system reset!


yin + release

fantastic for all levels of experience, this class is a combination of traditional yin poses +

myofascial release techniques to target deeper layers of the muscle tissue.

This special class combines Myofascial Release techniques to ease physical tension with the body, mind, + soul release of Yin yoga! 

The practice begins, as always, with a short guided Centering + Breathwork to help quiet the mind. Next, you'll work with special props to practice myofascial release techniques that promote deep tissue release in the body. The rest of the class will be spent in 5-7 minute Yin poses that are restorative for body, mind, *and* soul. 


If you're joining us from home, you can use a tennis or racquet ball, or even a balled-up-pair of socks, for the myofascial release work. And large pillows make great bolster substitutes for the Yin portion!

Yoga Mamas

yoga nidra

Yoga Nidra is a guided meditation practice focused on deep rest + relaxation. Appropriate for those new to meditation, seasoned practitioners, and everyone in between.



This powerful practice consists of guided breathwork designed to get you out of your head and connect with the wisdom your body holds. 

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