our classes

we offer four types of yoga:

vinyasa (flow), yin, prenatal, + postnatal


our vinyasa classes are labeled mild, medium, or spicy 

so you can choose the experience that best fits your body's needs.

we never "heat" our classes.

the room is always kept at a comfy 74-ish degrees.

relaxed flow

if you're looking for a low-key flow, this class is for you.

great for beginners and experienced yogis in the mood for a chill practice.

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relaxed flow



this special hybrid class is the perfect pre-bedtime practice. we start with 30 min of our signature relaxed flow, and end with 45 min of yin yoga.

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breathe + flow

this class is our middle-of-the-road offering: not too advanced, not too chill.

we like to call it our "goldilocks" flow!

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slow + sweaty

alignment flow

poses are held for longer periods of time, and sequences move at a slower pace. this allows the teacher to offer more guidance on alignment and breath, challenging mind and body.

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energetic flow

designed for experienced yogis looking to get sweaty on the mat.

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yin yoga

fantastic for all levels of experience, this style of yoga focuses on deep stretching and relaxation.

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prenatal + postnatal

we offer a variety of classes for mamas both during and after pregnancy. 

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drop-in: $17     5-class pack: $69

and if you'd like to keep some non-mama-focused classes in the mix, check out our tips for modifying your practice!