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fitDEGREE user guide

To make signing up for classes at Oak + Lotus a seamless experience, we've provided some pro tips to help! Read below to find out how to best use our scheduling platform on your mobile device.

Using fitDEGREE on Your Phone

Android Users:

Download the fitDegree App from your App marketplace and search for “Oak + Lotus” as your “FitSpot” and log in or create your account!

iPhone Users:

There unfortunately isn’t a great app that works with this platform on the iPhone; however, you can bookmark the site on your phone for easy access so it looks and functions just like an app! Just click the link below and then the ‘share’ button at the bottom of your phone screen. Scroll down until you see the option to ‘Add to Home Screen’ next to an icon with a plus sign inside a square. This will then appear on your phone just like an app would to offer you quick and easy access to booking and more. We’re also happy to help you set this up on your phone the next time you are in the studio - just ask someone at the front desk!

iPhone Users: Click Here to Open fitDEGREE in Your Browser

fitDEGREE Features

  1. Friends and Chat Feature: Through fitDEGREE you can add friends to your profile, chat with them through the app, and even see what classes your friends have signed up for! Making a yoga date has never been easier. You’ll have full control over who is your friend and who can message you. You can also chat one one-on-one with our instructors if you have any questions about your practice, classes, or the studio!

  2. Bring a Friend: You can gift any class or special event to a friend through the app! Using the ‘Gift It’ feature through the app, you can send over the class credit to your friends, family, or loved ones and they’ll instantly be able to redeem it and register for the class or event.

  3. Referrals: You now have your own unique referral code to share! We’ll be introducing a Referral Rewards Program soon with discount rewards for those who share their code with friends who sign up and come to the studio.

  4. Newsfeed: Through the app you’ll be able to see studio happenings and events on a feed that you can comment on and engage with. So even if you don’t always read our emails, it’ll be easier than ever to stay in touch with all that’s going on at the studio!

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