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members-only events

Once a month, we spoil our Oak + Lotus Yoga family (Members) with a FREE exclusive event!

March Members-Only Event

Yin + Restore with Brannin Lancaster

Friday, March 1st | 7 - 8 pm

Join one of our new instructors Brannan for a special Members-Only version of our new class Yin + Restore!

In Yin + Restore, you'll spend time in both Yin + Restorative postures. In Restorative Yoga, the body is entirely supported by props, and rather than there being passive stretching the intention of each shape is to be held, soft, + easy to invite total relaxation into the body.

Yin + Restore is a phenomenal restorative practice for the mind and soul too. By practicing active rest and stillness, we deactivate our stress response and are able to heal the harmful effects that come with it. It's the ultimate nervous system reset!

friday, march 1st
7-8 pm

a gift to our members

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