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Once a month, we spoil our Oak + Lotus Yoga family (Members) with a FREE exclusive event!

February Members-Only Event

Healthy Work Boundaries Workshop with Mike McCabe

Friday, February 2 | 7 - 8:30 pm

Join us as we host licensed therapist Mike McCabe for his workshop on

Practicing Asteya Through Healthy Work Boundaries. 


Asteya, or "non-stealing", is one of the philosophical pillars laid out in the Yoga Sutras.  Asteya towards the self is just as important as towards others, and when we fail to set healthy boundaries, we are allowing others to steal from us. This workshop will help you establish healthy boundaries at work that will allow you to bring a better balance to your busy life. There will be no physical practice in this month’s Members-Only event; instead, you’ll be exploring the benefits of taking the deeper, philosophical layers of your yoga practice off your mat and into other areas of your life. 

From Mike:

Since we spend the majority of our lives at work, shouldn’t our work life be refreshing and fulfilling? It should be, but it’s not for most of us; a recent Indeed report found that more than 50% of all employees are experiencing burnout from work: feeling depleted, unmotivated, and unsupported in their 9-5. 


What if there was another way? In this workshop you’ll explore how Attachment Theory can help us avoid burnout, create sustainable work relationships, and find emotional and mental freedom in your work life. 


 Why Attend?

  • Gain practical insights to prevent and combat work burnout.

  • Unlock the secrets of attachment theory for stronger workplace connections

  • Acquire tools to cultivate sustainable and fulfilling professional relationships by creating healthy work boundaries.

friday, february 2nd
7-8:30 pm

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Mike McCabe is a licensed therapist and the founder of SEAR Men's Counseling. He's passionate about helping adults, teens, and couples live emotionally liberated lives by tapping into their own resources and healing through attachment-based therapy, Internal Family Systems, and Solution Focused Brief Therapy. Mike empowers clients to explore their inner world in order to overcome depression, anxiety, trauma, lack of purpose, and relationship conflict, so they can get unstuck and continue their journey towards self-actualization. When he's not doing therapy, you can find him at Barton Springs, hiking the Greenbelt, camping with his wife and their dog, running long distances, playing pickleball, eating Indian food, and getting his hopes up about Texas Longhorns football and Tottenham Hotspur.

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