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women's circle

Join Alia for this special seasonal offering designed to build community

around important topics for women today.

This month's topic is Undoing the Guilt + Shame Around Rest. One of the most limiting and dangerous beliefs that many of us hold - especially women - is that "Rest is for the Weak." This month we'll share the limiting beliefs we hold around taking breaks and getting rest, and where we think they have come from. Then we'll discuss ways we can support each other in undoing those harmful beliefs and replacing them with healthy ones! Bring your journal and come ready to share and connect with the group! 

sunday, may 14th

regular class pricing

From Alia:

As women, we are constantly asked to care for the needs of others, and often expected to put our own needs last. Setting healthy boundaries to protect our physical, mental, and emotional health can be incredibly challenging, and often the source of guilt and shame. Same with prioritizing our self care - we've been trained to believe that putting ourselves first - ever - is selfish.


It's time for us, as a community of women, to re-write those narratives. 


We'll begin with a short Relaxed flow + Meditation practice to calm the mind and begin to reflect on your inner monologue and any patterns of negativity you want to work on changing.  Next, you'll spend some time with your journal, exploring the thoughts and ideas that came up for you. Then you'll pair up with a buddy and discuss. Finally, we'll reconvene as a group to share and discuss the common themes that will inevitably arise, and brainstorm ways that we can support each other as a community and re-write this narrative together in each of our own lives. 


We will be broadcasting this event via Zoom and will organize breakout rooms for our online friends to be able to take part in the discussion portions of the event. 

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