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sound bath with ATX Yoga Girl

friday, april 19th


Tickets: $44

O+L Members get 15% off tickets!

We're so excited to be hosting ATX Yoga Girl, Cynthia Bernard, for our next Sound Bath coming up

Friday April 19 from 7 - 8pm!


Cynthia will guide you with the sounds of Crystal Alchemy bowls, Quartz, Tibetan bowls, wind gong and various grounding instruments. The frequency and vibrations emitted create a subtle yet powerful resonance that permeates your physical and  subtle body.


This cosmic journey includes a chakra guided meditation plus mantra to activate your energy center for release, healing and flow. Think of this as a mini massage for your cells!


You’ll be welcome to enjoy this session either sitting or lying down to truly immerse yourself in restorative vibrations! Discover the power of sound as a gateway to relaxation, transformation, and profound inner peace. 


No prior meditation experience is necessary; this event is open to all. Whether you're new to meditation or a seasoned practitioner, you'll find solace and rejuvenation in the transcendent sounds and expert guidance provided.

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