welcome to your yoga home.

We believe that all bodies are yoga bodies.

We work hard to make sure that every body that steps on the mat with us ​feels welcome, comfortable, + safe.

We teach you how to use yoga to feel your best: physically, mentally, + emotionally.

We love working with newbies every bit as much as we do experienced students.

We're more than just a studio; we're a community (and we always have chocolate.)

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flow yoga

In Flow (or "Vinyasa") yoga, we link our movements to our breath. This style is designed to calm your mind and strengthen + soothe the body.


yin yoga

This style of yoga is fantastic for all levels of experience, and is focused on deep stretching + relaxation.



In our prenatal flow class, we link one breath to one movement in a vinyasa-style flow, holding poses 1-3 breaths at a time. We work to continue building and maintaining strength while also finding grace and acceptance for our bodies as they change and shift.


This class is safe for every trimester.

baby + me

In this class you'll move with your breath while interacting with baby, with the understanding that you may need to pause your practice in order to attend to your little one. Spontaneous naps and crying are allowed and encouraged (for you AND for baby ;-)


k-12 educator discount

As a thank you for their service to our children and communities, we are pleased to offer the following discounts to all employees of K-12 schools:

100% off of our New Client 1-Week Unlimited Pass

20% off of any Level of Membership

To take advantage of these discounts, just email us at and tell us where you work and what you do.


members-only events

Every month we host an exclusive Members-Only Event at the studio! This special event is free to Members, is led by a different teacher each month, and features a fun theme or playlist.

Members, keep your eyes peeled each month for your invitation to the next Members-Only Event!


We are so grateful for YOU - our yoga family that truly makes our studio feel like home - and we're so excited to spend some extra time with our beloved Members.


yoga parties +
group private sessions

Feel safer during COVID times or add an extra layer of awesomeness to an already special occasion with a private session for you and your friends.

we love our community,
but don't just take our word for it...

This is my FAVORITE yoga community that I have met yet. The teachers are warm, caring, and make every newcomer feel seen and heard. Since the first day I walked in, they knew my name, and were interested in my story. I have been attending classes for one week only, and I've been attending so eagerly due to their personalized, hands-on adjustment approach. In that short time I've seen more improvement in my practice than I have in the years I've been working.
I know that after a long day, Oak and Lotus is a place where I can find peace, and feel at home, and bring my day to a comforting close.

- Paulina K.

As a beginner returning to yoga (never could find the right non-cultish-feeling studio), I love the vibe and energy of this place and everyone who works here.  Everyone is so warm and welcoming, and there's a huge variety of classes for many levels of challenge you might be looking for.


The focus is really on being the best you can be, in mind and body during class. I recently got a recurring membership and am very happy with it!

-Kathy C.

This is such a wonderful new yoga studio in south Austin. The owner Alia and teachers have all been amazing! It’s been years since I’ve been physically active due to some chronic illnesses I’m coming back from. They have been caring, welcoming and they really know their stuff! I feel fortunate to have received a lot of individualized instruction focused on my needs and healing goals. After three weeks of regular practice I’m feeling major changes in stress levels, sleep, posture, strength, and flexibility. There are classes for all levels and body types in this beautiful converted warehouse space. It has such a good energy! They also have very good prices for the high quality instruction and environment. 

-Rebecca T.


solo/small group
private sessions

Looking for some extra guidance and attention? 1-on-1 or small group (4 people or less) private sessions are the best way to dive deeper into the areas of your practice that you'd like to focus on. Perfect for beginners looking for additional instruction, experienced students returning after a hiatus, and anyone looking for customized instruction on specific areas of their practice.


I 'm so glad you're here!

south austin yoga studio

I'm Alia, owner of Oak + Lotus Yoga. I'm a recovering attorney turned entrepreneur, and after a long and winding journey, found my calling as a yoga teacher and studio owner.


Click Here to learn more about my yoga journey!


alia j. khan
            E-RYT, YACEP