welcome to your yoga home.

we believe that all bodies are yoga bodies.

we work hard to make sure that every body that steps on the mat with us ​feels welcome, comfortable, and safe.

we teach you how to use yoga to feel your best: physically, mentally, and emotionally.

we love working with skeptics, newbies, and experienced yogis alike.  

we're more than just a studio; we're a community.

(and we always have chocolate.)

this is yoga for real life. come experience the difference for yourself. 

We offer two types of yoga: Flow and Yin. (More on that below.)

We never "heat" our classes - the room is always kept at a comfy 72-74 degree temperature.

We offer modifications and props so that you can tailor the practice to your personal needs and goals.

We're totally secular - no religious music, chanting, altars, or references of any kind.

We keep our teaching down to earth and based on anatomical science. (In other words, we skip the hippie-dippie stuff.)

We play great music to give your mind something to focus on instead of your to-do list.

In Flow (or "Vinyasa") yoga, we link our movements to our breath to create a rhythmic practice. We offer classes for all experience levels, and our sensible class names, clear descriptions, and strong studio standards ensure that you always get the experience you expect. 

Click here to learn more about our Flow offerings!

This style of yoga is fantastic for all levels of experience, and is focused on deep stretching and relaxation. Yin is a therapeutic practice that is an amazing complement to high intensity workouts (like running, triathloning, etc.). It's also great for people whose bodies are stiff from sitting at a desk all day.

Click here to learn more about Yin!

Best yoga studio I've ever been to. Everyone is so friendly and builds a trusting community. I've been going there less than 1 week and have already been 5 times and feel completely at home there. Incredible instructors, relaxing atmosphere, and just such down to earth, kind vibe. It feels like a true oasis each time I go, and feel like I can escape the hectic chaotic culture of DC. They embrace mindfulness and self acceptance. I couldn't recommend this enough!

I never thought I would do yoga, let alone enjoy it. I thought it was meant for a certain body type and that I would be immediately judged just stepping into the studio. I couldn't have been more wrong based on my experience here. The staff was warm and inviting and made me feel comfortable enough to admit that I had never done yoga and I was very intimidated. They eased my nerves and assured me that I was welcome regardless of my flexibility, strength, balance, or knowledge of any yoga poses or phrases. After just 3 classes, I already feel more confident about not just my yoga practice but also about my body. If you're a newbie to yoga or you've been intimidated by your past yoga experiences, I cannot recommend this studio enough for you.

Great studio! Let's be honest, yoga can be an intimidating environment for newbies. There are all sort of stereotypes for the "who" of yogis. I don't wear lululemon; I love cheeseburgers; and I have zero core muscles! With that said, I enjoy yoga and wanted a comfortable studio. Found it all here! A wonderful studio to clear your mind and heal.

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