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spa-jama party

Join us for Yin with Alia + Mini-Spa Treatments with Holistic Aesthetician Jen Bertrand


Join our founder Alia and Holistic Aesthetician Jen Bertrand for an extra special night of self-care! The evening begins at 6:30pm with tea + treats. Connect with your fellow attendees before you all get totally spoiled!


Beginning at 7pm, Alia will lead you in a 75 minute Yin Session while Jen treats each participant to a mini spa experience. Over the course of the practice, you'll each receive a soothing scalp massage + a hydrating aromatherapy treatment featuring Evan Healy's luxurious Hydrosoul products. You'll also leave with a mini Hydrosoul of your own to enjoy at home!


Pajamas are not required, but highly encouraged!

sunday, may 14th
7pm - 8:15pm (75 min)

Tickets: $44, Member Discount Applies

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Jennifer Bertrand has been a holistic esthetician for over 23 years. She believes in treating the skin as well as the central nervous system through beautiful, gentle plant-based skincare and intuitive and soothing touch. You can visit her at two private practice locations: Kuya Wellness Center in Austin: and Creekhaven Inn & Spa in Wimberley:

meet jen
Jen Bertrand, Austin-Based Holistic Aesthetician

A little more about the products: Evanhealy is an organic, holistic skincare line that seeks to nourish and balance the skin. Evanhealy hydrosols are beautiful copper-distilled plant waters from Washington state and California. Each plant is grown, harvested and distilled on site by small family farmers. Hydrosol will help cool, soothe, and hydrate the skin and will provide a healthy glow and aromatherapeutic benefits. 

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