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Welcome to the Oak + Lotus
Yoga Teacher Training Academy

Here you’ll find a wide variety of yoga teacher trainings,

all rooted in the Oak + Lotus mission of inclusivity, intention, and excellence in teaching.

The Oak + Lotus

Teaching Method

Designed to Make

All Bodies Feel Welcome

Our Founder +
Lead Trainer

Alia J. Khan


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Inclusivity is intentionally incorporated into every layer of our teaching, from our cueing to our sequencing to our use of props, even the music we choose!

Our practical trainings are designed to prepare our graduates to feel ready to teach the moment they complete our programs. 

Oak + Lotus Yoga founder Alia J. Khan has over a decade of experience teaching yoga, owning studios, and training teachers, in both DC and Austin. Her approach to teaching is rooted in her own experience as a short, curvy woman attempting to learn yoga in a world of skinny, naturally flexible teachers who had no idea how to teach to her body. 

Oak + Lotus YTT Academy
200hr Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training
May 17th - October 1st, 2023

Oak + Lotus YTT Academy’s Yoga Alliance Certified 200-Hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training is designed to teach you how to be a great vinyasa teacher to all types of bodies and levels of experience. Inclusivity is intentionally incorporated into every layer of our teaching, from our cueing to our sequencing to our use of props, even the music we choose! Our practical training is designed to prepare our graduates to feel ready to teach the moment they complete our program.

But there is SO much more to the Teacher Training experience than simply learning how to lead a yoga class. Read on to learn more!

If you have any questions or just want more information, feel free to book a time to chat with our founder and lead trainer Alia here:
She's super passionate about this training and would love to chat with you!

This training is unique for its focus on:

  • *All* 8 limbs of the yoga practice, not just the poses. We teach a secular approach to yoga that incorporates the mental, emotional, + spiritual benefits of the practice along with the physical.

  • Using language, cues, + sequencing that are inclusive + body-positive.

  • Teaching a wide variety of body types.

  • Alignment-focused, easy-to-understand cues & intelligent sequences.

  • Practical, hands-on drills and exercises coupled with on-the-spot feedback that will allow you to develop and hone your new teaching skills quickly and effectively.

  • Offering students hands-on assists that are safe and effective.


The training will take place over 12 weekends, spread out over roughly 5 months. The first 5 weekends focus largely on deepening your own practice as a student: diving deeply into the mechanics of the poses, the structure of a vinyasa class, the basic philosophies of yoga, and anatomy + physiology. You will also learn the basics of hands-on assists so that you can start familiarizing yourself with the mechanics of working with bodies.


Weekend 6 is where we begin to really dive into the teaching aspect of the training. You will learn how to effectively cue, demo, and assist a wide variety of poses, how to create smart, safe, enjoyable sequences, and how to develop your own unique style within the structure of a vinyasa practice. You will have plenty of opportunities to practice your new teaching skills on your fellow classmates. And you will continue studying yoga philosophy and anatomy. Beginning Weekend 7, you will develop and hone your hands-on-assisting skills on our clients at the studio as a Teacher’s Assistant (TA).

I want to learn more about yoga, but am not sure I want to teach. Will this still be worth it for me? 

  • YES!! You will still get so much out of this experience that it will totally be worth it. There's a reason people say that YTT is a life-changing experience - lots of reasons, actually!

  • Physical Benefits: By taking a deep dive into the physical aspects of our practice, you will learn SO MUCH about your body, and may even grow stronger in the process.

  • Mental Benefits: You will learn SO. MUCH. over the course of the training. From physical anatomy to spiritual philosophy to tips for public speaking to creating an environment of inclusivity - the breadth and depth of topics and information is rich, varied, and oh so valuable.

  • Emotional Benefits: Our focus on the philosophical teachings will inspire immense emotional and spiritual exploration and growth.

  • Deepen Your Own Yoga Practice. The knowledge gained from this training will allow you to take your practice to new levels and get so much more out of it. You'll also be able to develop a much deeper home practice if you want to!

  • Connect with Your Fellow Trainees. Community has always been a core value at Oak + Lotus, and joining a Teacher Training cohort is an extra special way of creating deep community connections. Being able to share this journey of transformational growth and learning with others who are on the same journey enhances both your experience and theirs. You'll form deep and lasting bonds with your fellow trainees as you connect over a-ha moments and work through challenges together!

  • Support Your Fellow Trainees. You'll play a large role in supporting your fellow trainees' journeys by participating in their practice teachings and offering them constructive feedback.

  • Give the Gift of Yoga. If you love yoga enough to want to learn about this much, there's a good chance you'll want to share it with others. Even if you never want to teach at a studio or a public class, the ability to share the practice that you value so much with your loved ones is a beautiful gift.


  • Submit your completed application form by midnight 5/10/2023.

  • If your application is accepted, we will use the payment method selected in your application to process your charge for the training, and you will receive an email confirmation from us. If your application is not accepted, you will receive an email explaining why and an opportunity to update your application. 



Prerequisites for Enrollment:

  • At least six months of regular (weekly or more frequently) yoga practice. If you've practiced on and off for more than six months, that is fine, as long as you feel that the windows of time when you've had a regular practice add up to at least six months. 

  • Before the program begins, you must have attended at least 25 classes at Oak + Lotus, and at least 10 of them need to have been in-studio


PLEASE NOTE: You do not need a "physically advanced" practice in order to attend and benefit from this training. These requirements aren't about whether or not you can do a headstand - you know we don't care about that! What matters to us is that you've built a strong enough foundation as a student both with us and with your yoga practice in general to be ready for the deep dive that YTT entails. 

If you do not meet these requirements (or are not sure whether you do), please schedule an interview with Alia before submitting your application. You can do so here:


Weekend schedules will generally be as follows:
Wednesdays: 7 - 9:30pm
Fridays: 7 - 9:30pm
Saturdays: 1:30pm - 7:30pm (including breaks)
Sundays: 11:30am - 3:30pm (including breaks)

Wknd #1: May 17-21
Wknd #2: May 31 - June 4
Wknd #3: June 14 - 18
Wknd #4: June 21-25
Wknd #5: July 5 - 9
Wknd #6: July 19 -23
Wknd #7: August 2 -6
Wknd #8: August 9 -13
Wknd #9: August 23 - 27
Wknd #10: September 6 -10
Wknd #11: September 20 - 24
Wknd #12: September 27 - October 1

Single Lump-Sum Payment: $2,999.99
3-Month Payment Plan: 3 monthly installments of $1,111 (Total = $3,333)
6-Month Payment Plan: 6 monthly installments of $567 (Total = $3,402)

K-12 Educators Discount:  All employees of public K-12 schools receive a 10% discount off of Teacher Training, no matter which payment option you choose. (This discount does *not* stack on top of our Scholarships.)

Work Study Scholarship:  We will offer 2 spots on our Work Study team for folks able to work 3 shifts per week in order to receive 45% off the cost of training. There will be an additional 2 spots available for folks able to work between 1-2 shifts per week at 15% and 30% off respectively. Shifts can include 3.5 hour front desk shifts, cleaning shifts, or other potential arrangements for special skill sets.  Click here to complete the application for the Work Study Scholarship.

Hardship Scholarship:  We will award 2 applicants with a 45% off scholarship for the training if they can demonstrate financial need and cannot commit to the work study plan.  Complete the application here.

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Noelle T.

YTT Academy 200-hr Graduate

I had taken Alia's yoga classes for years and her sequencing and command of the studio was so impressive that it made me want to learn so much more. I never thought of myself as wanting to eventually teach, but after taking the first several weekends of teacher training, I just wanted more and more. Alia's approach to yoga - both as a student in class and a student in teacher training - is so accessible and also leaves you plenty of room to make the practice your own. 

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