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teacher training


Welcome to the Oak + Lotus
Yoga Teacher Training Academy

Here you’ll find a wide variety of yoga teacher trainings,

all rooted in the Oak + Lotus mission of inclusivity, intention, and excellence in teaching.

The Oak + Lotus

Teaching Method

Designed to Make

All Bodies Feel Welcome

Our Founder +
Lead Trainer

Alia J. Khan


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Inclusivity is intentionally incorporated into every layer of our teaching, from our cueing to our sequencing to our use of props, even the music we choose!

Our practical trainings are designed to prepare our graduates to feel ready to teach the moment they complete our programs. 

Oak + Lotus Yoga founder Alia J. Khan has over a decade of experience teaching yoga, owning studios, and training teachers, in both DC and Austin. Her approach to teaching is rooted in her own experience as a short, curvy woman attempting to learn yoga in a world of skinny, naturally flexible teachers who had no idea how to teach to her body. 

Oak + Lotus YTT Academy
15-Hour Inclusive Teaching CE Weekend Intensive 
March 4th - 12th, 2023

If you're a yoga teacher who wants to make your classes more
welcoming + inclusive for all bodies, this series is for you.

Are you a 200 hr trained yoga teacher looking for your yoga home? If you’re as passionate as we are about inclusive, accessible teaching that makes all bodies feel welcomed in the yoga world, we’re looking for you! We’re bringing back our 15 Hour Inclusive Teaching CE Weekend Intensive. Join us the first two weekends of March to dive into sequencing, cueing, and using props the Oak + Lotus way. We’re looking to grow our team, and this training is the way for you to grow your teacher toolkit by learning the Oak + Lotus inclusive teaching method, how it works, and why it matters.


Whether you’re a newly graduated 200 hr YTT, a teacher coming back from a break and feeling a little rusty, or just looking for your new yoga home this training will be a great fit for you. 


If you’ve recently completed your 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training, but don’t quite feel ready to teach, this training is a perfect opportunity to equip yourself with the practical tools it takes to progress from your 200 hr YTT into teaching studio classes. You’ll receive one-on-one training and mentorship from our founder and teachers to help you build on your knowledge and feel ready to teach. You’ll have the chance to practice teaching to real bodies in real time in a supportive environment geared toward your growth. 


If you’re an experienced teacher interested in joining our team, this training will teach you how to incorporate our values, style, and structure into your teaching. Consistency across classes is a key component of our teaching culture, and it’s a big part of what makes the Oak + Lotus experience so special.


If you’re ready to share your gifts with our growing community, sign up today!


All Oak + Lotus YTT Academy CE Trainings Qualify for Yoga Alliance CE Credit.

Weekend 1

Saturday, March 4th: 2pm - 6pm

Sunday, March 5th: 1pm - 4:30pm

Weekend 2

Saturday, March 11th: 2pm - 6pm

Sunday, March 12th: 1pm - 4:30pm

Cueing to Teach + Connect

(Saturday + Sunday)

This module is all about how to truly teach to and connect with the uniquely different set of bodies who show up for each of your classes, rather than simply calling out pre-planned poses and transitions. Excellent cueing will leave your students feeling like you were reading their minds and talking directly to them the entire class.

Many teachers use demoing as their main - or even only - teaching tool.  But truly connecting with and showing up for the students in front of you requires a much wider teaching toolset!


We'll teach you how to how to cue so effectively that you’ll never have to rely on demoing again. Then you’ll get the chance to work on getting comfortable teaching without demoing - it's a hard habit to break, but trust us, your students will notice and appreciate the difference!

Sequencing + Demoing

for All Bodies


This module is all about how to sequence your classes in an intentional, inclusive way that leaves your students with that fabulous "yoga brain" feeling. We'll teach you how to sequence your classes so that EVERY body that attends feels good after - not just the bendy folks!

Teaching with Props​


This module will teach you how to seamlessly incorporate props into your teaching in order to make your classes more inclusive for all body types. You'll learn a wide variety of uses for props as they relate to different poses, body types, and common mobility challenges you'll see in your students.  You'll also learn how to work your props into your cueing without ruining the rhythm of your flow. Props are your #1 tool when it comes to teaching inclusively, so let's dive in!

Regular Price: $499
Oak + Lotus Member Price: $425

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Noelle T.

YTT Academy 200-hr Graduate

I had taken Alia's yoga classes for years and her sequencing and command of the studio was so impressive that it made me want to learn so much more. I never thought of myself as wanting to eventually teach, but after taking the first several weekends of teacher training, I just wanted more and more. Alia's approach to yoga - both as a student in class and a student in teacher training - is so accessible and also leaves you plenty of room to make the practice your own. 

200 Hour Oak + Lotus YTT
Coming in 2023!

Want first dibs when registration opens? Email us to get on the list!

All 200-hour trainees *must* take at least 25 In-Studio classes
(Online classes do not count towards this requirement)
at Oak + Lotus before registering for our training. 

That way you can make sure our teaching style is the right fit for you, and you'll come into our training with the foundational familiarity with our teaching that is necessary for success!

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