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broga (yoga for men)

Join our founder Alia for a fun workshop-style class designed specifically for our male yogis! She'll start with tips on using props and different pose options to help with the most common challenges that she sees her male students working with on the mat, like tight shoulders and hamstrings. Then she'll teach you some fun ways to take advantage of your natural upper body strength. Finally, you'll get to put all your new skills to work in a specially designed flow!


This class is appropriate for all levels of experience, including brand-new beginners. So if you've been wanting to give yoga a try but the idea of being the only guy in the room made you a little nervous (we get it, you're not the only one!), this is the class for you! Whether you're looking to improve your run time, your golf swing, or your ability to stand up without making creaky noises, Alia's got you covered!


Priced like a normal class (so Members can use their Memberships + Guest Passes!)

Sunday, February 25

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