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members-only events

Each month, we offer a special Members-Only class with a rotating roster of teachers and unique themes and playlists. This event is only open to current Members and is completely free! So if you're on a 4x or 8x Monthly Membership this class will not count against your monthly class limit.  Our Members are the foundation of our community, and the reason our studio feels like home. These exclusive Members-Only monthly events are our way of thanking our Member family for their commitment to us *and* strengthening our community!

This Month's Event:

Restorative + Yoga Nidra with Taylor
Friday, 3/31 at 7pm

Rest + rejuvenate with Taylor as she guides you through 40 minutes of gentle, restorative yoga followed by a 20 minute yoga nidra practice. 


We'll hold poses seated or lying on the mat for 5-7 minutes, using bolsters, blankets, and blocks to set up comfortably and effortlessly. In yoga nidra (or "yogic sleep"), Taylor will guide a meditation practice that allows you to experience the calm, quiet, transitional state between sleep and wakefulness. This special offering is designed to release tension + deeply nourish.  We hope you'll join our mini-slumber party (followed by treats, of course)!

Past Events:

Relaxed Flow with Pam
Friday, 2/24 at 7pm

Join Pam for a fun Relaxed Flow set exclusively to covers of The Cure's discography. 


Come enjoy a playlist full of music from different bands giving their take on this legendary goth band's music!  Join us for some yoga, treats, and time to connect after class with your fellow Oak + Lotus yogis!

Listen to this past February's playlist for The Cure Covers Class below!

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